Grooming for your dog is a very personal experience that should be rewarding not just for you as an owner, but especially for your dog.

We work with you to ensure that your lifestyle and requirements as well as your dog's needs are taken into consideration when discussing your dog's grooming. Our desire is to create the style and groom of your choice, while also aiming to groom your four-footed friend to the highest level for both looks and comfort.


Let one of our experienced groomers take care of your dog's coat and leave it shining, healthy and more comfortable to walk and run in. You can leave your dog with us or let us visit them in the comfort of their own home. We have both the salon and home visit options available.


A full groom includes nail clipping, ear plucking (if required) and ear cleaning. We bath and dry your dog can trim them to tidy any excess hairs, and also clip hair to the style required - any style, your choice! As part of the groom your dog has a full body massage - just as if they were at a spa!

Miniature Schnauzer
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
'Groom & stay' package

Combine your dog's groom with a Doggy Daycare visit and your dog can stay with us all day for only half the cost of the normal daily daycare rate.

This offer is also available for our regular Doggy Daycare visitors who choose to get groomed on a day they are visiting. If you are interested in this service, please read our Terms and conditions.

What's included

A full groom includes:

  • bath and dry

  • nail clipping

  • ear plucking (if required)

  • ear cleaning

  • clip hair to any style, your choice!


Prices are calculated as to what is appropriate to the groom requirement, the frequency with which your dog is groomed, it's behaviour during the groom and the condition of your dog's coat.  The scale is not related to the size of your dog as small dogs can and often do take more grooming requirements than some larger breeds.


As each dog is individual, we will need to discuss the groom requirements with you before we can give you a realistic estimate.  Sometimes coat anomolies do not reveal themselves until the groom has progressed; we will endeavour to discuss any changes to the desired groom with you.