Individual & Tailored Training

$100 per consultation

approximately 1-2 hours

We recognise that each dog and family is unique and even though some behaviour actions are common amongst dogs, it is the individuality of the environment that the dog is living in that makes any issue personal.

We offer honest, caring and practical solutions that you will find easy to implement. We look to cater for any changes that may be required to cause as minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

For dog-to-dog behaviour issues we recommend a one-on-one personal consultation to assess the level of the issue. Once an assessment is made, a recommendation may be made to complete a class such as the Good manners and focus class or more individual training.

Our approach

To find the right solution that is tailored specifically to your needs it is often easier for us to come to your home to witness your dog in their usual circumstances; however, we can also work through the issues at one of our premises.

We focus mainly on basic training but may offer specialist training depending on what your requirements are.  For example, if your dog is chasing joggers or bicycles the scenarios will need to be set up or found in order for training to be effective.

What's covered

As each dog’s learning ability is individual. We'll need to assess and discuss the training required to determine to the length of time it will take to train your dog. Flexible package options are available:

  • Basic training
    Basic training covers: sit, down, come (recall), stay, greeting people nicely, walking nicely on a lead, and relaxing around distractions.


  • Specialist training
    Some specialist training covers: leave it, scent work, basic agility, retrieve

Please feel free to discuss any training options that you have with one of our experienced trainers.

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Online daycare bookings now taken.

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